"Having dealt with a problematic scalp for a long time, I didn't know what to expect with Yobee. But I'm honestly blown away by the results after just one use. This ScalpMask is the real deal."

I'll let the photos speak for themselves: the first pic is how my hair looked right before I put on the scalp mask, & the second is THREE DAYS after I washed it. I didn't use any other products & it was literally 98 degrees with 60% humidity the whole time. Not only is this the best my hair has looked, but my scalp feels better, too. And, my hair is no longer falling out!

If you're sick of trying dozens of products that don't work & have 5 minutes to spare in your haircare routine, get Yobee. It does the job and then some!

- May B, verified buyer

"I don't normally write reviews, but this product was the ONLY thing that helped my newborn's cradle cap."

My son has extremely sensitive skin -- especially on his scalp -- and the flaking and irritation was extreme. Yobee has completely cleared up his scalp and my son is happier than ever.

- Christopher J.

Before using Yobee Kids ScalpMask

After using Yobee Kids ScalpMask

After months of sleepless nights with my newborn -Yobee resolved my baby's irritation on her scalp and forehead. I feel like Yobee gave me my sleep and sanity back!

- Natalie

New York, NY

I have tried everything, Head & Shoulders, Selsun Blue, and Coal Tar, with only temporary relief. Now all I use is Yobee and feel great and my hair is softer and thicker.

- Sam

Los Angeles, CA

As I let my grey grow out, Yobee helps keep my hair from frizzing and itching.

- Lisa

Wilmette, IL

I shave my head and Yobee has replaced my aftershave and beard balm— my head and beard are so soft now.

- John

Chicago, IL

Yobee allowed me to see my baby's hair without oil in it for the first time.We sleep better and his scalp and skin are so much better.

- Priya

Evanston, IL

My kids' got their dandruff from their dad —Yobee has changed my whole family's life! No one is scratching or irritated by their scalp.

- Jessica

Glenview, IL