Yobee® Care for Growing Kids

Say hello to Yobee® Care - a hair care line proven to reduce dry scalp symptoms and set your kids up for a lifetime of healthy™ scalp and hair. Kids love using Yobee® Care! And with products jam-packed with natural, healthy ingredients, Moms and Dads will feel good about Yobee® Care too.

Introducing a Lifetime of Healthy™

Yobee® Care is the only hair care regimen that uses Probyome™, a proprietary blend of three natural ingredients exclusive to Yobee® Care that have clinically shown to soothe little scalps that feel dry and irritated. Created by a leading pediatrician and allergy expert -  who also happens to be a mom - Yobee® Care blends the efficacy of science and the wisdom of nature to help your kids’ scalp thrive.

Kids & Teens Love Yobee® Care!

Kids and Teens love the rich, creamy texture and warm coconut scent of Yobee® Care products. 

Yobee® Care is perfect for all ages!  Older kids and preteens can incorporate all three products into their daily shower routine too. Each product is gentle and suitable for hair of any age, length, and texture.

Don't Just Take It From Us

My two boys, aged 3 and 6, both love using Yobee® Care during bath time. It smells great, meaning they’ll lather for longer and come out of the tub cleaner than ever. And with no yucky chemicals or steroids, it's also a win for mom and dad!

- Lisa from Seattle, Washington