Clinical Studies

Yobee® merges the wisdom and healing properties found in natural ingredients with modern scientific advancements. As proof, the PROBYOME™ Techology was successfully tested in an independent clinical study at Northwestern University.

Physician Assessment

After two weeks of using the Yobee® Restorative ScalpMask™ the average dry scalp appearance was significantly reduced from a flaky appearance rating to an almost clear rating.

Patient Symptom Score

Patients reported their symptoms (flaking, itching, redness) were reduced by almost half after using Yobee Restorative ScalpMask™.

Peter Lio, MD

Founding director, Chicago Integrative Eczema Center

Clinical Asst Professor of Dermatology & Pediatrics, Northwestern University

Clinical Study Details

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Dozens of adults suffering from dry scalp and dandruff symptoms were enrolled in the clinical study.

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Each participant applied Yobee® Restorative ScalpMask™ for at least 5 minutes a day.

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Participants were tested over a two- week trial period.

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The study determined that Yobee® reduces symptoms of dry scalp, and drastically improves scalp and hair quality in adults.

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