Yobee® is a breakthrough in scalp and hair health that combines the best scalp-care science with the wisdom of nature to help soothe, rebalance and defend against a dry, irritated scalp.

Everyone's skin and scalp are covered by a natural protective layer called the microbiome. In the microbiome there is a diverse mix of millions of different types of bacteria working hard to keep your microbiome balanced.

Made from natural products and devoid of harsh chemicals, our nature-based formula was created to balance the microbiome which in turn helps keep the scalp and hair healthy and free from irritation.  

Made using Probyome™, a patented triple blend of probiotic extracts, organic honey, organic turmeric, and Vitamin B12, Yobee® products work to rebalance the scalp's natural microbiome and support its natural protective powers to defend against irritation.

In addition, Yobee®’s safety and effectiveness has been confirmed through an FDA-approved clinical study at Northwestern University. Unlike other natural brands, Yobee® is both natural and clinically shown to be effective.