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Physician formulated, Dermatologist tested, natural probiotic solutions for dry scalp, hair & skin health

Why Yobee with PROBYOME™ for Healthy Hair, Scalp & Skin?

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Doctor Founded & Formulated

Pediatricians, Allergists & Dermatologists

Clinically proven Yobee care icon image

Two Published Clinical Trials

Safe & Effective in Adults & Children

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Free from all bad chemicals

NO Steroids, Coal Tar, Zinc, Salicylic Acid, Sulfates, Parabens

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Lifetime of Healthy™

Breakthrough natural solution for all ages & hair types


Yobee Skin Moisturizing Cream

  • DRY SKIN RELIEF FOR WHOLE BODY - effective body & face moisturizer for chronically irritated, sensitive skin.
  • SCIENCE-SUPPORTED SKIN RECOVERY - With Ceramide Complex, Vitamin E & Shea Butter, enhancing skin barrier protection & shielding it from environmental aggressors.
  • SAFE FOR WHOLE FAMILY - This deeply nourishing, non-sensitizing & non-irritating full body cream is free of parabens, steroids, & greasy oils, making it suitable for all ages.

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The Story Behind Yobee

Ruchi Gupta, MD, MPH

Founder, Mom, Pediatrician, Scientist

Medical Expert for

The Heart of Yobee



Yobee® was born out of necessity

Born out of love. I understand the pain of watching a child suffer like my daughter and patients. I was fortunate to have the knowledge and skills to develop something that could help my daughter in my kitchen. I want all adults, children, and babies to have access to Yobee®, a solution that supports the scalp of even our littlest users.



Powered by Patented Probyome™ Technologies

I was concerned about the chemicals present in most products. Our earth is rich in natural healing properties, such as honey, turmeric, probiotic extracts, and vitamin B12. All these ingredients are anti-inflammatory and microbiome-supportive and found in our patented Probyome™ technology for a safe and natural solution.



Confirmed by Clinical Studies

As a pediatrician and scientist, I have spent over 20 years studying the development, treatment, and prevention of eczema and allergies. At Yobee®, we spent years of product testing to formulate a genuinely effective and safe product.

"If you're sick of trying dozens of products that don't work, get Yobee"

"The first pic is how my hair looked right before I put on the scalp mask, & the second is THREE DAYS after I washed it with Yobee.

Not only is this the best my hair has looked, but my scalp feels better, too. And, my hair is no longer falling out!"

-May, verified buyer

Kind Words From Our Customers

I used it for my hair/scalp after bleaching my hair and it helped wayyyy more than other brands I’ve tried (aveda, it’s a 10, OGX).

AhYoung L.

Verified Amazon Purchase

This product is amazing! After trying literally every dandruff shampoo on the market, Yobee transformed my scalp in less than 2 weeks with ~ 4 washes.

- Layla B.

Verified Amazon Purchase

Yobee replaced all medicated cream on my baby's cradle cap for the last month and that in itself is worth it!

- Sarah K

Verified buyer

I have only used this scalp mask a couple of times but my hair already feels softer and my scalp feels less dry. It is so rare to come by a product that works immediately and as promised like Yobee.

- Verified Buyer

Yobee's a game-changer! It does wonders for itchy, dry scalps, promoting hair health. My hair's appearance improved noticeably & I appreciated the natural ingredients.

- Doc S.

Verified Amazon Purchase

It is one of the rare products that people have continued to ask for over and over again! What a wonderful addition to our armamentarium: something that is safe, effective, and natural!

- Phil


This product is fantastic! We have only been using it for a week and already seeing significant results!! This is awesome! Thank you for this amazing product!

- Stanley O.

Verified Amazon Purchase

I used this on some peeling itchy skin on my hairline. One application is all it took. Skin is soft and smooth. I also tried this cream as a hair mask. My hair feels AMAZING! Try it it works.

- Melissa L.

Verified Amazon Purchase

Yobee was the ONLY thing that helped my newborn's cradle cap. My son has extremely sensitive skin and the flaking was extreme. Yobee has completely cleared up his scalp and my son is happier than ever.

- Christopher J.

Verified Amazon Purchase

I use medicated shampoos but they don't always relieve the itchiness. My stylist recommended Yobee. I have only used it twice but in the last 72 hrs, I haven't had the urge to scratch my head!

Jacquelyn P.

Verified Amazon Purchase

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Designed For Everyday Use

Carefully crafted with natural ingredients and devoid of harsh chemicals and topical steroids, all Yobee® products are safe for everyday use.

Our expert formula effectively soothes dry skin outbreaks and makes a great addition to your daily routine.