Yobee for Adults

Designed for All

Our effective regimen of products are perfect for everyone. All Yobee® products are brimming with natural ingredients developed to balance and restore your scalps’ microbiome and set you up for a lifetime of healthy™ hair and scalp.

Clinically Tested, Proven to Work

Yobee® products have been extensively tested through independent, FDA-approved clinical studies at Northwestern University, and the results are in: Yobee® significantly reduces the appearance of dry scalp and improves skin sensitivities in a global assessment score. 

Unlike other brands that use harsh chemicals, Yobee® approaches dry scalp challenges with a patented blend of natural ingredients. Yobee® effectively:

  • Soothes irritated, dry scalp
  • Improves scalp appearance (Investigator's Global Assessment Score)
  • Balances the microbiome
  • Makes your scalp happy and healthy!


Yobee is the product I have been waiting for! It is the first natural product I have ever used that effectively controls my dandruff. My scalp health has never been better and my hair looks, feels, and smells great!

- David


No more embarrassing itching and white flakes!

- Tom V

It is one of the rare products that people have continued to ask for over and over again! What a wonderful addition to our armamentarium: something that is safe, effective, and natural!

- Phil