"Necessity is the mother of invention" - Plato

Welcome to a Lifetime of Healthy™

I'm Ruchi — mom, pediatrician, scientist, & the creator of Yobee.

With only harsh chemicals and steroids available to treat my newborn's severe cradle cap and eczema, I set out to formulate an effective and all-natural solution that targeted the problem.

Through my 20 years of studying the treatment and prevention of food allergies, eczema, and atopic conditions, we know that the body is a symbiotic system that is cared for by our microbiome.

Using the wisdom of nature's healing properties and perfecting the solution with science, I developed the all-natural formulation, PROBYOME™. Infused in all Yobee products, the patented PROBYOME™ blend restores the microbiome back to health.

I made this product for my daughter, and now I'm bringing it to you. Made with safe and natural ingredients, Yobee is for your whole family.

Welcome to a Lifetime of Healthy.

-Ruchi Gupta, MD, MPH, Founder of Yobee

Born out of LOVE

We want all adults, children, and babies to have access to Yobee®, a solution that supports the scalp of even our littlest users.

The Heart of Yobee



Yobee® was born out of necessity

Born out of love. I understand the pain of watching a child suffer like my daughter and patients. I was fortunate to have the knowledge and skills to develop something that could help my daughter in my kitchen. I want all adults, children, and babies to have access to Yobee®, a solution that supports the scalp of even our littlest users.



Powered by Patented Probyome™ Technologies

I was concerned about the chemicals present in most products. Our earth is rich in natural healing properties, such as honey, turmeric, probiotic extracts, and vitamin B12. All these ingredients are anti-inflammatory and microbiome-supportive and found in our patented Probyome™ technology for a safe and natural solution.



Confirmed by Clinical Studies

As a pediatrician and scientist, I have spent over 20 years studying the development, treatment, and prevention of eczema and allergies. At Yobee®, we spent years of product testing to formulate a genuinely effective and safe product.

Kind Words

Nothing else has cleared up my dry scalp the way Yobee has.

- Felipe C

Adult Testimonial

Gentle and soothing - I was so impressed by how quickly my son's scalp recovered from intense dandruff.

- Loren L

Kids Testimonial

Yobee replaced all medicated cream on my baby for the last month and that in itself is worth it!

- Sarah K

Babies Testimonial

I've been using Yobee on my whole family. Thank you for creating a product my entire household loves!

- Raina G

Loyal Customer

After trying every dandruff product out there, Yobee brought my scalp back to normal.

- Jessica B

Loyal Customer

Just try it! It is literally the best decision I have made.

- Karen V

Loyal Customer

No more embarrassing itching and white flakes!

- Tom V

Loyal Customer

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