Welcome to the World of Yobee

At Yobee®, we’re on a mission to free people from the cycle of using chemical-ridden products on their scalp and hair. Our PROBYOME™ products use natural, active ingredients that work to significantly improve overall scalp health.

Natural Ingredients

Feel good when you choose Yobee®. Our products are made using clean, natural ingredients. Yobee® has been shown to effectively soothe and relieve dry scalp without any harsh chemicals that can be found in other traditional products on the market.

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Our Mission

Yobee® is dedicated to creating scalp and hair products that improve your scalp health. All of our products contain PROBYOME™, our patented blend of probiotic extracts, organic honey, organic turmeric, and Vitamin B12.

Brand Purpose

We believe in freeing people from using harsh chemicals on their scalp and hair by providing natural products that have been scientifically shown to work.

Brand Vision

Already a popular choice in North America, Yobee® is on a mission to become the go-to provider of hair and scalp products that support a balanced microbiome.