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FDA-approved clinical trial to study Yobee at Northwestern University

Thirty-five adults with dry scalp were recruited and followed for this study. 

Validated Scores that monitor improvement in scalp and hair health were tracked before and after treatment. Photographs of the scalp and hair were taken for a trained physician to assess changes after treatment.  

The following scores were assessed: 

The Investigator Global Assessment (IGA) is a 5-point validated instrument that rates overall disease severity according to the following categories: 0 = clear, 1 = almost clear, 2 = mild disease, 3 = moderate disease, 4 = severe disease.

The Total Severity Score (TSS) represents the sum of erythema, scaling, and pruritus severity scores of the scalp disease. A minimum TSS score is 0 (none) and the maximum TSS score is 9 (severe).

Patients saw improvements in IGA and TSS after Yobee Therapy as assessed by a trained physician
Scalp and Hair quality significantly improved after therapy with Yobee