The Yobee® Story

Yobee® was born out of necessity.  

Dr. Ruchi Gupta, a world-leading pediatrician and allergy expert, and Dr. Tarun Jain’s  daughter, Riya, suffered from a dry scalp and cradle cap as a baby. They sought many treatments, but quickly became frustrated by the ineffective array of chemicals, steroids, and greasy topicals available on the market. Drs. Gupta and Jain subsequently embarked on a personal journey to create a real solution and bring it to market.

Powered by Patented Probyome™ Technologies

Made using Probyome™, a patented triple blend of probiotic extracts, Drs. Gupta & Jain understood that probiotics could effectively alleviate gut issues, so why not apply the same science to dry scalp and hair? They formulated and patented a nature-based, triple-powered scalp, skin and hair probiotic technology, Probyome™, which successfully alleviated Riya’s dry scalp symptoms, and kept it from coming back.

Probyome™, our proprietary triple blend of probiotic extracts, organic honey, organic turmeric, and Vitamin B12 has been clinically shown to be effective yet safe and gentle enough to use even on a baby’s delicate scalp.

Formulated by Leading Pediatrician and Parent Duo

The parent and physician duo began using Probyome™ for their own scalp issues and after seeing results, offered the solution to friends and family. They found that amongst all users, the product continued to successfully reduce redness and itching, effectively restoring the scalp.

Confirmed by Clinical Studies

Driven to seek results, Drs. Gupta and Jain had the product rigorously tested through independent, FDA-approved clinical studies at Northwestern University. The trial results determined the Probyome™ solution was safe for adults and was proven to reduce scalp sensitivity by 50% after two weeks of use.

Learn More About Our Mission

A Message from our Founder, Dr. Ruchi Gupta

In 2006, our baby daughter Riya struggled with cradle cap and eczema. As any new parent knows, seeing your baby struggle is an excruciating experience, and we sought market brands to cure her dry scalp. However, each product only offered temporary relief at best, and my husband and I decided to combine our medical, research and engineering expertise to formulate a better solution. Frustrated with greasy topicals and chemical steroid products, we embarked on a mission to create an effective, all-natural solution that harmonizes science and nature.

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” - Plato

It’s been many years since we first embarked on this journey, and we’re now pleased to offer a range of Probyome™- formulated products specifically geared for kids, babies, men and women. We hope that you and your family benefit from these nature-filled products just as much as ours did.  


Ruchi Gupta, MD, MPH