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"Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention" -- Plato

In 2006, Dr. Ruchi Gupta & Dr. Tarun Jain (Yobee co-founders) understood their baby daughter (Riya) had serious issues with her scalp (cradle cap) and skin (eczema).  Dr. Gupta, who is a Pediatrician and Director of an academic research lab, knew there must be something better than greasy topicals or steroids for her daughter's scalp and skin.

Drs. Gupta & Jain knew that probiotics worked in your gut, so why not on your scalp, hair, & skin?  Subsequently, combining their medical, research, and engineering expertise, they formulated a nature-based, triple-powered scalp, hair, & skin probiotic technology (Probyome™) that quickly and effectively reduced skin inflammation, redness, and itching, and cleared the scalp of plaques and flakes ... restoring natural beauty.

After using Yobee with Probyome™, their daughter's scalp and skin dramatically improved, and she never needed those oils or steroids again.  Dr. Gupta soon shared Yobee for several years with her pediatric patients with consistent results.

Both Dr. Gupta and Dr. Jain also started using Yobee for themselves and shared with friends and family with similar positive results.  Over time, they followed this up with a rigorous clinical trial at Northwestern University, confirming the science. 

They realized they had something significant and important - namely, that children and adults could find safe, long-term relief using this nature-based formula.  Science + Nature = Yobee. The goal now is to share Yobee with the world and pass it on!

Experience for Yourself.

Ruchi GuptaTarun Jain